Name: Mapping the Journey: Gathering the Voices
Developer: Brian McDonald

Description: This application attempts to show the accounts of holocaust survivors from a geographical point of view. This will give the user a sense of the distances that have been traveled by the survivor until their eventual destination in Scotland.

The user is first presented with a portrait of the survivor, when they click on the image a map is displayed which shows the route taken to get to Scotland. The user can then click through each location and get some information about the location, this information comes from the testimony from the Gathering Voices Website.

Final Version:

Supported and Funded By

supported by the heritage lottery fund
scottish government Glasgow Caledonian University
sense over sectarianism Glasgow City Council
German ministry of foreign affairs
  • Ethel Hoffman
  • Esterson Trust
  • Glasgow Jewish Community Trust
  • Queen’s Park Charitable Trust
  • Steven and Hilary Anson
  • David and Angela Shapiro
  • Claire and Howard Singerman
  • Netherlee and Clarkston Charitable Trust
  • Ralph Slater Trust
  • The Alma & Leslie Wolfson Charitable Trust‏
  • German Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Saskia Tepe

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