Yesterday morning at 11.50, the American airplane “Flagship America” started its return flight to New York at Tempelhof. The well known American journalist Louis P Lochner is among the passengers. However, this time he is bringing not only the latest news but also the youngest Atlantic passenger in the world, the little three and a half year old Bella, who was adopted by the American Sergeant Simons six months ago in Belsen.

Bella Simons, as she is now known, is from Berlin. Her parents were deported by the Nazis. Her adoptive father, who will only travel to America in three weeks, made it possible for her to make the long journey by plane. Little Bella is the first German citizen to be granted a pass to America, and the American Consulate in Berlin has drawn up Visa No 1 for her.

In Berlin, the child lived with the Altwein family in the Hobrechtstrasse, Neukölln. There she was cared for by Mrs Altwein, a friendly lady in the prime of life. The little one loves her new Papa and wonders a little why he is not coming in the big plane. But Mr Lochner comforts her and Miss Grace, the stewardess, has taken care to provide lots of sweets for her.

So the first return flight of the Ocean Traveller of American Overseas Airlines has its story, and early tomorrow morning the picture of little Bella will be on the front pages of a thousand American newspapers: the first Berliner in New York.

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