Letters to support the appointment of Professor Finlay Freundlich, Renate Mackay’s adoptive father, to a Professorship in Prague.


Letter: 1 - Professor FW Dyson, Astronomer Royal, who was important in proving Einstein’s theory of relativity.
Letter: 2 - Prof Herbert Dingle, Astronomer and opponent of Einstein.
Letter: 3 - Prof EA Milne, astrophysicist at Oxford University who worked on implications of the theory of relativity.
Letter 4 in German - Prof Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize winner and originator of the theory of relativity.
Letter: 5 - Dr Otto Struve, Russian born astronomer who worked in America and was one of the most important astronomers of the 20th century.
Letter: 6 - Lt Col FJM Stratton, astronomer and Professor of Astrophysics at Cambridge University.
Letter: 7. Sir Arthur Eddington, astronomer and popular science writer who wrote explanations of Einstein’s theories for the general public.
Letter: 8 - Prof HN Russell, American astronomer.

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