Learning as global citizens

Curriculum for Excellence seeks to develop children and young people as global citizens and equip them with the skills, values and attributes to thrive in, and contribute to, their local, national and global community, now and in the future.

The learner:

  • is optimistic
  • is resilient, creative and enterprising
  • communicates confidently
  • is motivated to take action
  • is committed to human rights and living sustainably
  • contributes to community life
  • thinks critically and recognises bias
  • is caring, and respectful of others
  • values equality and diversity
  • develops informed, ethical views of complex issues
  • appreciates Scotland’s diverse culture, heritage and place in the world
  • evaluates scientific, technological and environmental issues
  • can make connections and link learning to real-life issues
  • understands different beliefs and cultures
  • believes in making a difference
  • recognises the interdependence of people and nature
  • participates in democratic processes.

Ask the pupils to think about some of the following challenges the country may face in welcoming newcomers to this country.

  • Where are the immigrants going to live?
  • What if the immigrants don’t speak English, how will they learn and who will teach them?
  • What can the government do to help new immigrants adjust to life here?
  • Aside from economic considerations, ask students how we can address the intolerance some people have toward newcomers to this country.
  • Remind students that the U. K. is a nation of immigrants and the many contributions immigrants make.
  • Refugee Children are still arriving into the UK What’s happening now.
  • What is a Refugee?
  • Who where the Kinder?









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