Plan a trip by train from Vienna to Glasgow via London. To make the task more challenging find an alternative to the Channel Tunnel and include times and costs. The following website is a good place to start -

Map and annotate the journeys of some of the other people whose voices have been gathered at (You will need a world map!)

There are many examples of the sort of things some Kindertransport children brought with them at Categorise them into things which would have been useful and things which were brought for other reasons. Consider the importance these everyday objects would have held for the children when they were far from home.

Have a look at and compare the similarities and differences of the type of house Gretl may have lived in with pupils’ own homes today.

Look at the winning entries in Holocaust Memorial Day Trust 2014 art competition at . Be inspired to create your own Kindertransport artwork.

There are lesson plans and activities to suit all ages and abilities at

Worksheets and interactive activities on issues relating to Kindertransport at and

An American study guide to accompany the Academy Award Winning documentary film ‘Into The Arms Of Strangers’ (2010, rated PG) available at . A great resource for literacy based activities. Why not make a short film of your own?


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