The holocaust within the Secondary History curriculum

With recent changes to the National Curriculum in Scotland secondary schools are encouraged to follow a broad general curriculum in the years S1-S3. This means that within this framework many schools may opt to teach the holocaust, either within a broader unit on the rise of Hitler and life in Nazi Germany, or within a unit on the Second World War, or even as a stand-alone unit of study.


National 4 & 5 History

The new National Qualifications include a unit ‘Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1919-39’. Within that there is a descriptor ‘Nazi control of Germany- treatment of Jews and other minority groups’.

National 3

At National 3 there is a unit covering ‘Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1923-39’


Higher History

Within Paper 1 ‘European and World’ there is a unit on ‘Germany 1815-1939’. Issue 6 of this unit is an evaluation of the reasons why the Nazis were able to stay in power 1933-39. Within this issue there are detailed descriptors including: fear and state terrorism, social controls, propaganda and social policies.


Advanced Higher History

‘Germany: Versailles to the Outbreak of the Second World War’ Within this unit pupils are asked to examine the transformation of post-Weimar society: Nazi consolidation of power, Nazi economic policy, Nazi social and racial policies and the impact of foreign policy of domestic circumstances.

Detailed descriptors include:

4.3 Nazi Social & Racial policies

  • Nazi racial doctrine
  • Hostility towards ‘outsiders’ / ‘non-Aryans’
  • ‘Purification’ of the racial community through persecution

4.4 The nature of Nazi foreign policy and its impact on the German economy/society, 1933-30

  • Goals of Nazi foreign policy
  • Hossbach Memorandum: economic motives and racial goals.

4.6 Resistance to Nazism

  • Political resistance
  • The Nazi regimes persecution of opponents


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