Alice talks about the kindness of Glasgow people and her happiness in Scotland.

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AM: So I have enjoyed my new country.

INT: Yes.

AM: I have never lost my foreign accent because when I was evacuated I was in with so many different accents I copied them all. In the end I stayed in Scotland and I copied the Highland girl’s accents but as I’ve no contact with them out comes my mother’s accent. That can’t be a bad thing. I think it’s the best country in Europe for me.

INT: Why’s that?

AM: Scotland?

INT: Yes.


AM: Because they’re wholesome people. Unfortunately I have very poor sight but I like to be independent. I take my life in my hands when I go out but when somebody sees that I’m struggling to go on a bus or crossing a road they help me. Some people just grab me and I am afraid of who it might be but others say, “May I help you?” I don’t think I would find that anywhere. In other countries people are afraid to speak to strangers. I can only say good things. I’ve made good friends here, unfortunately many of them are no longer here, and I’m still making friends.

INT: It’s a good reason to make friends with people younger than you isn’t it?


AM: Yes, well that’s more difficult because the younger people today don’t want the older. A generation ago; 60s, 70s, yes. But not today. They’re being re-educated now.

INT: So is there any final things that you want to say before we turn this off?

AM: I said that I’m happy in the country here?

INT: Yes. You said all that.

AM: But I’m sad that my family is not here. I am now here alone. One is in New York where I have four grandsons and one is in Cambridge, who has never found a Scottish lass yet.

INT: Yes, Ok so thank you very much for your time.

AM: I would like to hear it. Thank you for coming.

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