Evelyn’s family fits into the Jewish community in Glasgow

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INT: And did your parents mix with other Jewish people here?

E.S: Yes. The first thing my mother did was to phone Rabbi Rubinstein.

INT: That's the Giffnock Synagogue, that's right?

E.S: At that time it was Clarkston.

INT: Ah I see.

E.S: And then he went to Giffnock. And became members of the Shul and made a lot of friends, all the Jewish friends through the Shul.


INT: Did you mix with other refugees?

E.S: Yes there was a big crowd of refugees at that time. We went to the refugee centre in Sauchiehall Street. I saw it on your [ the talk given the previous week]

INT: In Harvey's photographs last week?

E.S: Yes, yes. And we met a lot of Jewish people because, you know...

INT: You felt more at home?

E.S: Yes.

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