This small section explains how Isi Metzstein’s mother was able to support him by working as a cook

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INT: So how were you able to support yourself?

IM: I wasn't. I stayed at home with my mother

INT: Right and she found work in Scotland?

IM: Oh yes

INT: When she came over

IM: Yes. For a long time she worked in Geneen's as a cook

INT: So within the Jewish community?


IM: Oh she was more related to them. We always lived in the West End and I wouldn't say that we had, we didn't have any strong connection. My mother's connection with the Jewish community would be in Geneen's and of course when she went to synagogue but not on a social basis really. My mother was there quite a long time and quite well known for her cooking. So she had a certain reputation there. People came there to eat, not to stay in the hotel, but mostly to the restaurant. It was kosher of course and it was quite important to her.

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