Judith concludes by describing the high point in her life – her husband Harold’s love and loyalty to her and her love for him.

INT: Just one last question Judith. If you look, looking back on your life what would you say was the high point of your life?

JR: The high point of my life was, without doubt - until I got married I couldn’t believe it that I could get married. You see how…Maybe Harold will be demobbed and soldiers disappear and I’m left alone in Germany. I was never sure of myself. But then he kept to his word; he never veered for a minute, you know. So…You know, find somebody who loves you and you love him back, it’s a real love story.

JR: The idea that he actually stayed and waited for me. I mean I didn’t have much; I didn’t have much…How do you call it?

INT: To offer?

JR: Clothes. I had nothing.

INT: Well, I think that indeed is a very good place to stop.

JR: Yes. To get a husband who loves you, and in those days he didn’t look after my mother yet. That was later on. It was like Madam Butterfly in a different way. He did come and he never left my side.

INT: Thank you Judith.

JR: Yes I think that’s enough.

INT: That’s fine, thank you Judith.

JR: Finish on a high note.

INT: Absolutely.


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