INT: The date is Sunday the 29th of August 2010 and this is an interview with Mrs. Lore Lucas in Glasgow. Mrs. Lucas can you tell us when and where were you were born?

LL: In Germany, in Krefeld; K-R-E-F-E-L-D

INT: And was, what was your name at birth?

LL: Lindenbaum

INT: Ah right, this was your surname. So Lore Lindenbaum

LL: Correct

INT: When you were in Germany before you came, your family – who were the members of your family? Who did you live with?

LL: My parents and my sister

INT: Was this an older sister or a younger?

LL: Younger

INT: Right and what happened to your sister? Did she come out with you?

LL: The whole family disappeared in different ways. It’s a long story I can tell you

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