INT: I’m asking about your social life when you were in London?

LL: Yes, it was very pleasant.

INT: Mainly Jewish? Or non-Jewish?

LL: Mostly Jewish, there was the odd non-Jewish one. I wasn’t selective but it happened to be.

INT: So what kind of things did you do?

LL: We mainly went to each others’ houses. We went to the pictures. I mean, money was short with everybody and heating was expensive and everything. We lived a normal life, not like teenagers live now. We didn’t buy clothes or anything, which we didn’t need because you could bring a lot out of Germany. That was one thing you had, that was clothes. So shopping didn’t come into it.


INT: So your, your parents were in Germany?

LL: My parents by that time were already in a camp. They emigrated from Germany to Holland and they were taken to camps from Holland.

INT: Ok we’ll maybe go back over that later. I want to continue with life in London. So, you worked

LL: Yes

INT: In this one job

LL: Yes

INT: Really for a good 5 or 6 years

LL: Yes, yes until ‘46


INT: And you were living..?

LL: And I lived together with my aunt in a flat which we had rented. We had no real… the landlord didn’t live in the house so we had the top floor

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