All in all I must say I have been extremely lucky. People have been enormously friendly, even when we worked and more work and things were rationed people would invite us to share their meals in their houses when food and everything was very, very short. There was never any word of being the enemy and people were extremely thoughtful and very pleasant.

Perhaps it was also that Irene and I were not particularly demanding things of people – we took people as they were and how we found them and made the best of it. But we did reap the rewards. People were nice, helpful and we always had friends around it.

Even nowadays if I think all the friends we made years and years ago – are still our friends and what is so very pleasant that some of our children and their children are also friends which makes life so much more enjoyable.

I hope this gives you Howard a rough idea about my life – it has been not as eventful as dad's. I’ve been very lucky all the years. A nice place to go to in Bradford, the internment with always company. It was a tremendous help that Irene and got on so well together so we always had somebody to talk to. When we were miserable we cheered the other one up, and when we had nice things to celebrate we enjoyed it. And also with Hans and Martin the 4 of us always got on very well together which helped a tremendous amount in our life.

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