Rita describes her journey from Germany to Britain and her continuing belief that her mother would be arriving there too.

You had escaped from the prisoner of…well the concentration camp, what happened then?

RM: I was taken by my aunt to her home and I stayed there a week or so with my cousin and then I was put on a train to come over here. And they kept saying, “Your mother will…” I said ‘No, I don’t want to go’. “Your mother will come straight behind you, you go”. So I left and I believed them, she never did.

INT: That is terrible.

RM: I never saw her again.

INT: What do you remember of the journey? Do you remember the journey?


RM: The journey? There were a lot of children; we had quite a lot of fun once we got going. I was all right but I kept wanting to see my mother.

INT: Of course you would. And then what happened, did you go via the Hook of Holland?

RM: Hook of Holland and then to London to the station there, Liverpool Station I think it was, and there my guardian, the person who said she would look after me, picked me up there up there and I went to her home then in Scotland.

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