INT: So where did you land? You came to London. Did you go to somebody’s house?

R.F: Yes because at the time my brother was, his family were staying in London so I was first stopped in London. But I had to start my job as a domestic help.

INT: Whereabouts?

R.F: In London? Swiss Cottage.

INT: And then?

R.F: Oh yes that’s right. I had another job in London, in Golders Green, also in the household.

INT: And after the household work?


R.F: Well there was already the war on and I, my elder brother stayed in Glasgow and I joined the family in Glasgow.

INT: Yeah but before then you did other, you did war work. Did you not work in a factory?

R.F: That was also in Glasgow.

INT: What was it like during an air raid in London? Was it…? What did you do if there was bombing?

R.F: Well we went downstairs in the air raid shelter. It wasn’t really an air raid shelter it was just down in the basement.


INT: Right. You didn’t go into a tube station?

R.F: No, no.

INT: Oh right.

INT: So you then went to Glasgow?

R.F: Yes.

INT: On holiday?

R.F: No, it was first a holiday and then I started war work in Glasgow.

INT: What was that? What kind of work was that?

R.F: Inspecting some tools and things like that.


INT: What did you think of Scotland when you came?

R.F: It was a very nice country, very friendly people, very friendly, everybody wanted to help.

INT: And not so much bombing as in London?

R.F: No, no. Das finished all. That finished all. We had two heavy air raids by the Clyde but that was (than war it quiet)

INT: Where did you live in Scotland with your brother? When you arrived in Scotland?

R.F: Yeah INT: How long?

R.F: Until I got married.


INT: OK, so you came to Scotland in 1944?

R.F: Yes (Ja)

INT: And were there other refugees there?

R.F: Yes many from Austria and Germany. …..all refugees Ellie und Leo und, und, und Grueber, und de Kaiser All of them were refugees Ellie and Leo Grueber, under the Kaiser.

INT: And Mrs Lucas you knew.

R.F: Yes that’s right.

INT: Alright. So you had quite a nice social life in Glasgow.

R.F: Ja. Yes.

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