INT: And were there lots of refugees there? Did you meet other people?

R.F: Yes there were quite a few refugees otherwise. From Germany and Austria. In Glasgow I met my future husband.

INT: Where?

R.F: I was introduced with a Jewish family in Glasgow. I was introduced to my future husband. He came from Berlin.

INT: Once you were married did you work again?

R.F: No.

INT: No. You were a housewife in Glasgow.


R.F: Yes.

INT: Until 1959.

R.F: Yes. Then we left for Germany again.

INT: Why was that?

R.F: My husband’s brother was staying in Hamburg and he had a small chocolate factory and my husband came and joined him there and helped him in the factory and this was also his income.

INT: Right, OK. And generally your life’s been quite peaceful?

R.F: Yes. Ja.

INT: Quite a happy life after that?

R.F: Yes. Couldn’t’ say differently

INT: Bringing up the family.

R.F: Yes, grandchildren.

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