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INT: We usually finish Suzanne by asking about reflections, and we'd like to finish with a positive as well. So when you look back, because you have obviously had a wonderful, I think, academic career, what would you say is the highlight?

SU: Of my academic career?

INT: And your life in general.

SU: Well I think my early life taught me values, it taught me how to appreciate things. I take nothing for granted, I don’t waste resources, I recycle everything and, you know, I appreciate everything that comes my way. It has made me positive, I think, and it's made me very grateful to the good lord in whom I believe that, you know, I owe my miraculous survival and that of my family.


I mean it really is miraculous that we all separately under such circumstances... So I very much believe in providence, in the goodness of God and I try to do my best to, you know, to spread good things around and to be positive.

INT: I think you do, because you do also a lot of voluntary work as well, so despite the fact of retiring you seem to be busier now.

SU : Oh yes, I, you know, I just wish I had more energy because, you know, I get tired sometimes and I can't work until two in the morning as I used to do before. But, you know, you have to know your limitations as well and, you know, just be grateful for what you have because we have so much and we know now how badly off people are in other parts of the world. And I'm very happy with my own life, my only sorrow is that everybody isn't in the same happy position. There are still prejudices and still all these negative things and wars, I just pray for peace every day.

INT: Thank you very much Suzanne

INT: Thank you

INT: It was a real privilege. Thank you very much.

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